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Our program immerses young children and adults in the exciting world of classical music with an overall appreciation for music and theory. We provide one-on-one customized piano lessons in Singapore and are passionate in delivering quality music classes to suit each student's levels and learning abilities.

"Learning the piano is both an art and a science.

The science is in the formula of how the whole piece of music runs on equal number of counts per bar regardless of what notes and rhythm is used. The sound the piano produces rests entire on the physics of wavelengths. Fibonacci theories are embedded throughout. The art is in the composing and improvising of pieces and the demonstration of one's emotions through the music that is played. The different touches (finger, wrist, forearm and arm) expresses these. The orchestra of both science and art elements produces the performance of a life time, in solo, duet or full symphonic representation of all instruments."


John Monteiro

Whether you are discovering the piano for the first time or wanting to advance your current skills, Monteiro Piano is a fun & interactive place to to learn piano in Singapore. 


We are passionate about providing quality piano lessons in Singapore to kids, even those as young as 6 years old. Research has shown that piano lessons for kids starting from a young age has been found to be relate to better mathematical skills, higher IQ, and overall greater academic achievement.


We also offer piano lessons for adults who are still young at heart.

Our piano lessons can begin at any time and are individually customized to allow for greater personal attention, tailoring the pace of learning for each student abilities based on their age, progress and performance.



(Grade 1 to 8)

Students can work toward a music certification with the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). Graded piano lessons start from Beginner to Grade 8 . In addition to playing classical pieces, graded piano lessons have a strong emphasis on skills and technical work like aural, scales and arpeggios.


Music theory is also integrated into our lessons.


Read more on our Syllabus

  • Individual lessons

  • 45 mins or 60 minutes lessons once a week

  • Kids from 6  years old and Adults


Recreational piano lessons cater to those who are interested in learning to play piano without the stress of graded examinations.


Recreational piano lessons tend to be more popular with late beginners or adults as the focus is on playing a variety of classical pieces and pop songs.

  • Individual lessons

  • 45 mins or 60 minutes lessons once a week

  • Kids from 6  years old and Adults

The study of piano does not end upon the attainment of the Grade 8 certificate. You may also wish to continue your studies at the diploma level to pursue a career in music or teaching, or professionals who wish to broaden their qualifications, or purely after the satisfaction of achieving your personal goal.  Read more on Diploma lessons

Private Instruction Experience

Fun  & Rewarding Lessons

"Dear Teacher John

Thank you for being very patient with me, when teaching me piano.

 I really appreciate it!

Music Teachers touch hearts one note at a time"

- Faith

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"Dear Mr John

Thank you for teaching me piano. When I didn't do my homework, you were always patient with me. When I didn't know how to play a piece, you taught me how to play it properly. Even though I known you for a few months you were really kind to me."

- Zachary

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Individually Tailored Beginner to Advanced Lessons

  • One- to- one lessons

  • 45 mins or 60 minutes lessons once a week

  • Piano lessons for kids from age 6+ onwards, Students in Music Elective Programme, and Adults

  • Foundation for Beginners

  • Expanding technique and repertoire for Intermediate and Advanced students



Piano music of the Great Composers and Theory of Music will be taught. Students will be prepared for the ABRSM examinations including interpreting exam pieces. 

Our course content focuses on all-round musicianship consistent with the requirements of the ABRSM. This includes:

  • Repertoire : Playing Pieces (Pitch, Timing, Tone, Shape, Performance)

  • Technical Skills : Scales and Arpeggios

  • Notation Skills : Sight Reading

  • Listening Skills and Musical Perception : Aural Training

  • Theory of Music

  • Solfege, Finger Exercises and Etudes

  • Improvisation and Keyboard Harmony 

Practice and Mock Exams

We ensure you get sufficient practice on exam pieces.  

Mock exams will be provided to help you confidently prepare for the exams to score distinction.

Registration for ABSRM Examinations

Students will be entered for examinations under John Monteiro's name. Students whom John Monteiro deem not entirely prepared for the examination but who would still like to proceed may still continue to do so under their parents name. 



Opportunities to Perform - Students' Annual Recitals

Stage experience with opportunities to perform. Monteiro Piano will hold Annual Students' Recitals so as to help students achieve the following objectives: 

  • To give students an opportunity to perform in front of live audience 

  • To inculcate the ability and gain experience of performing under pressure 

  • To prepare students for the upcoming ABRSM exams

All proceeds of the annual recitals will be donated to children's charity as part of the commitment to help needy children in Singapore. 

View awesome pictures of our interaction with our students in the Gallery .

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Our Piano Lessons may begin at any time. 

It is never too late to start learning piano. 

Private lessons give students the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one instruction with the flexibility of individualized scheduling.

Piano Lessons are structured and exclusively taught by John so that students get the best out of their music experience.

Introductory Free Trial lessons (45 min) are available for you to experience our lessons structure.

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