GCE "O" level Music Elective Programme (MEP) 

The Music Elective Programme (MEP) is a special programme offered by the Ministry of Education of Singapore. It's objective is to provide opportunities for academically abled students with aptitude in music to pursue a deeper understanding and study of music.

John's all rounded music expertise as a Composer and Performer, is highly sought after especially for  tutoring students in MEP Music Writing. 


Our Music Elective Programme tuition lessons will be tailored to tackle Component 31 (Word Setting) and Component 32 (Music Writing) of the MEP GCE "O" Level Syllabus.

Other learning components also include:

  • Music Poetry Writing

  • Connection between harmony and the creation of coherent melodic lines

  • Understanding of harmony and how it ties in to the pacing and structuring of a work

  • Creating expectation and surprise in composition

  • Phrasing, repetition, and sequence

  • How to translate the music on the page into a suitable melody


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Our approach :

Individual Lessons

Lessons are conducted on one-to-one basis to allow for greater personal attention and tailoring the pace of learning for each student abilities.

GCE O Level Syllabus 

Our lessons are structured according the GCE O Level, for MEP students. 


"John is an exceptional mentor, guiding me during my O Levels Music Elective Programme, and at the same time encouraging me to compose independently and creatively. He is a great musician, and I am truly grateful for his guidance." 


Low Yi Fen, Singapore Chinese Girls School

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